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From Skyrim to Elder Scrolls Online

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If you’re one of the avid followers and a regular player of Skyrim, we got news for you. Bethesda has recently released The Elder Scrolls Online and is now accepting applications for beta testing. While still in the development stage, the game is expected to garner a very strong following due to Skyrim’s success. While the beta testing is also available here in France, many are hoping they can get a peek at what’s coming before the public release.


Elder Scrolls Online is different from other MMORPG’s in a way that will revolutionize the industry. The entire game is under one Mega-Server so you don’t have to look for your friends, Guildmates or Party when you form a group. This is a relatively new concept and Zenimax was a little vague on the details but explains that the system is smart enough to put you on the same shard as your friends and Guildmates. This concept, though relatively new in MMORPG, is not something new to online games. The ability to create a private room and play a good round of poker is one of the many conveniences available at the website. Poker is very popular here in France and the rest of Europe as a card game and pastime. It’s very important to supplement long hours of playing MMORPG with a relaxing and challenging game similar to poker. It enables you to rest your eyes and fingers after extensive clicking and fighting. In hindsight, it gives you something to do while downloading the game or updating it. Apart from the new Mega-Server, the game also allows extensive character customization and a freehand on how you develop your character. The game allows you to use all of the available Elder Scroll armors regardless of your skill set and race. If you feel better wearing heavy armor as a mage, that’s your call. You are no longer bound to any racial or class stereotyping. The perks you choose also separate you from other players of the same class, creating a unique playing experience for each person. One of the features that piqued the curiosity of many French players is the fact that you share the loot equally in heroic and public dungeons. It’s easier to work together when you’re not worried about getting left out when it’s time to divide the spoils of war.

Whether or not Bethesda’s venture into MMORPG will be successful is yet to be seen. As far as the French is concerned, Elder Scrolls can do no wrong as it has always provided quality games since its first conception.

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