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Apple Lost Patent Battle Against VirnetX

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Apple is famous for taking the competition to the court all the time, but the American giant isn’t exactly a saint, either. The company has apparently infringed four VPN-related patents that belong to VirnetX, a US communications company. The patents are used specifically in FaceTime and iMessage, some of the most important native apps in iOS. The first trial was held back in November, which came to the decision that Apple should pay $368 million of royalties to VirnetX. The last one held February 26 ruled that Apple must pay $330 thousand daily. However, the judge did set time period of 45 days during which the two companies are expected to reach some sort of licensing agreement.

Apple vs VirnetX

If Apple and VirnetX don’t come to an agreement now, the maker of the iPhone will have a bill of around $15 million to pay. Logic says the company should be encouraged to settle the issue as soon as possible, but that might affect the image of the company. Ideally Apple might try to prove that a patent infringement hasn’t taken place, but after two trials saying otherwise, that’s an almost impossible thing to do. In any case, hopefully the major players in the industry will understand that it’s easier and cheaper to settle issues like this one outside of the court.


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