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Pedego’s Electric Fatbike – Perfect For Mountain Biking

By Amelia Hunter

Love mountain biking? Pedego’s got something interesting for you!

Mountain biking is a real challenge for both the biker and the bike – even big 2.75-inch tires can sink in and bog down when there’s sand or loose snow everywhere, that’s why some companies have started making so-called “fatbikes” with 4-inch (or even larger) tires – these cool devices are not afraid of snow or anything else. But Pedego, a manufacturer from California, has decided to take mountain bikes to a new level. That’s how their electric fatbike, the Trail Tracker, was born.trailtracker

The Trail Tracker is different from the so-called “pedelecs” that rely on electrical power only – you can ride it both with the help of its battery reserve OR without it. So it’s something like a slim motorcycle. It stores power in a 48-volt 10Ah lithium-ion battery and delivers it via a 600-watt high-torque brushless geared hub motor (but the Canadian version is limited to 500 watts only). Its top speed is 20 mph (32 km/h), but anyway, you can’t ride faster in the US.

This mountain bike features 26 x 4-inch Innova Spider clincher tires that go down to 10 psi/0.7 bar, rear and front Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes and a rustproof chain. The aluminum frame of the Trail Tracker is available in a number of colors including red, gloss black and yellow. As for the weight, this bike is 62 pounds/28 kg, which is much more than the weight of most non-electric fatbikes.

The Trail Tracker is really pretty, and its price is pretty, too, at… $2,975. Even despite this, it sells like hot cakes.

It’s not on the website yet because we are selling them so fast that they are in very short supply,” Pedego CEO Don DiCostanzo said. “We did not expect them to be such a hit so fast.”

The Trail Tracker is going to the US and Costa Rica this month. In March it’ll be released in Canada and South Africa, while Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Russia will get it in April/May.

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