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Who Designs The Best Looking Smartphones?

By admin

Design has always been a matter of taste. But in some cases, most people agree that something is well-designed and something else isn’t. Phonearena has decided to find out which manufacturer designs the best-looking smartphones.

At the moment, 9811 people have participated in their poll, and… guess who’s leading? Right, Nokia! 4589 people (46.77%) think Nokia designs the most beautiful smartphones, and I have to agree with them. Moreover, I also voted for Nokia, though I first thought to choose Sony. I really think that the bright and colorful Lumia phones were a new word in smartphone design.phones

HTC is second on the list with 2001 votes (20.4%). I guess people really like the One series, and I can understand why – though there is nothing special in the One phones, they definitely look good.

Sony is only the third at the moment – 1977 people (20.15%) have voted for them. I think that Sony will soon beat HTC; after all, their Xperia Z is probably the coolest device on the market, and it looks very good, too. IMHO, it’s even much better than the One series phones.

Apple is the fourth, getting only 6.63% of all votes. Looks like people don’t like the standard design of the iPhones anymore. Samsung comes next with 4.33%, LG has 1.06%, and the last manufacturer on the list is… BlackBerry with 0.66% (66 votes only).phonearena-poll

It’s strange that Motorola wasn’t included in this list, but I don’t think they’d collect too many votes anyway. They have the cool Droid Razr Maxx, but people love it because of its specs, not design.

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