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Tamagotchi – New Android App

By admin

Do you remember the Tamagotchi? Yeah, that virtual pet we fed and tried to raise. I remember it was extremely popular in mid-90s – almost every kid had it. Now you want find those games anywhere anymore, but if you happen to miss them, you can download a new Android app to play. The app is called Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. (Love Is Fun Everywhere), and it’s available at Google Play fro free.TOMAGOTCHI

Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. works just like the original game: you get a small egg of your future virtual pet. You’ll have to feed, bath and entertain that pet to keep it healthy and alive. The thing is – this pet will need your attention all the time, and if you forget about it for a while, it’ll die, and you’ll have to start from the beginning with a new pet. And cope with the depression because of the loss of the first one.

The original game is amazingly reproduced in the Android version, so you can even hear those annoying sounds from there. At the moment, it’s available on Android only, but they say an iOS version is being developed, too.

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