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Apple Maps Called DANGEROUS Again

By admin

Ah, those Apple Maps again! I have already written how strange and inaccurate they are, and Samsung mocked them, too; even Scott Forstall, the guy responsible for them, was fired after Australian police had called those maps “life-threatening”: the town of Mildura was listed 43 miles away from its real location, so many people got lost because of this mistake, with no food and water.

Now these Apple Maps are called “DANGEROUS” again, this time – by the Country Fire Authority in Victoria (CFA). The thing is – the Agency has an iOS app called FireReady, and it’s used by people to report bushfires. This apps needs to use Apple Maps, and you can imagine what problems they can cause because of their inaccuracy!


Macedon and a number of other Victorian towns are located incorrectly,” the firefighters said. “Users report that towns are located on their maps at the center of the district rather than on the actual township itself.”

Moreover, sometimes Apple Maps don’t show the name of a certain city or township, making it really challenging for the firefighters to find the location of a fire. Considering how many challenges and difficulties firefighters have to face every day even without Apple’s notorious maps, it’s really bad of Apple to create new ones.

We would advise FireReady app users with iOS6 installed on their devices to disregard Apple Maps township locations and instead focus on street names and the location of incidents & warnings in relation to their GPS location,” the guys from CFA said.

But something tells me it would be better advice to stop using the Apple Maps and go for Google Maps, which, by the way, are already available for iOS.

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