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Official MWC 2013 App for Windows Phone

By Amelia Hunter

The official GSMA app for Mobile World Congress 2013 was released for Android and iOS not so long ago, and now it’s coming to Windows Phones, too.

The app is designed mostly for those who want to attend the MWC 2013, so it includes schedules, event times, speaker rosters and venue maps. But if you’re not going to visit the MWC, you can still use the app to read the latest news.Mobile-World-Congress-App

The Windows Phone version of the app is compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 and 8, but they say it’ll work with Windows Phone 7.8, too.

Here’s the list of the features of GSMA:

+ full event schedule
+ speaker listings
+ exhibitor listing
+ social networking
+ venue maps
+ complete info booth
+ lots, lots, more…

This year’s Mobile World Congress begins on February 25 and will last for 3 days. So you still have more than two weeks to download and install the app.

You can download the app from here:

Android version

iOS version

Windows Phone version

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