Monday 24th November 2014,


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HTC Mini Launched in China

By admin

HTC has launched another China-exclusive gadget, though this time it’s not a smartphone, but rather an accessory for one. Check out the HTC Mini, a glorified remote control for the HTC Butterfly, the current flagship in the company’s Chinese line-up. The remote is easy to mistake for a budget mobile phone, as it has a numeric keypad and a monochrome display. However, the remote actually has more tech than most cheap phones. It uses NFC to pair with the Butterfly and connects to it using Bluetooth, so it can be used to make calls just like you would with a Bluetooth headset. However, there’s much more to that.


HTC Mini can also be used to send text messages, if you haven’t forgotten how to do that without a QWERTY keyboard, of course. Call logs and the calendar are also accessible. If you do a lot of photography, Mini can also serve as a remote shutter, and then help navigate through the photos when you review them on your HDTV. And in case you manage to lose the huge Butterfly, Mini can help locate it. Although at first the idea of a smaller handset that controls the main one may seem a bit over-the-board, it’s actually quite interesting. The high-end smartphones are getting bigger, but out pockets aren’t, so keeping the phablet in your bag and holding the slim and light Mini in your hand instead is a quite elegant solution.


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