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Average User Looks At Phone 150 Times A Day

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According to Nokia’s research, an average user looks at his phone 150 times a day, and it doesn’t matter if he owns a smartphone or a feature phone.

It’s interesting that earlier studies said that users looked at their phones only 100 and less times a day, but not so long ago, T-Mobile confirmed Nokia’s results for the US. As for the UK, they say people here look at their phones more than 200 times a day.Ìîëîäàÿ êðàñèâàÿ äåâóøêà ðàçãîâàðèâàåò ïî ìîáèëüíîìó òåëåôîíó

But what can we all look at all those times? Here’s the opinion of former Nokia executive and currently market analyst Tomi Ahonen:

1. MESSAGING – 23 times a day

2. VOICE CALLS – 22 times

3. CLOCK – 18 times

4. ALARM – 8 times

5. CAMERA – 8 times

6. MUSIC PLAYER – 13 times

7. GAMING – 12 times

8. CALENDAR – 5 times

9. SOCIAL MEDIA – 9 times

10. NEWS – 6 times

11. SEARCH – 3 times

12. WEB – 3 times

13. VIDEO – 6 times

14. CHARGING PHONE – 3 times

15. VOICE MAIL – 1 times

16. APPS AND OTHERS – 10 times

I personally think this list is rather realistic. I haven’t counted how many times I look at my phone (yet – maybe I’ll count it one day), but at least I know that I don’t use my phone to read news, and I open the calendar once in several days.

What about your habits? How often do you look at your phone? What do you look at?


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