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Average User Looks At Phone 150 Times A Day

By Amelia Hunter

According to Nokia’s research, an average user looks at his phone 150 times a day, and it doesn’t matter if he owns a smartphone or a feature phone.

It’s interesting that earlier studies said that users looked at their phones only 100 and less times a day, but not so long ago, T-Mobile confirmed Nokia’s results for the US. As for the UK, they say people here look at their phones more than 200 times a day.Ìîëîäàÿ êðàñèâàÿ äåâóøêà ðàçãîâàðèâàåò ïî ìîáèëüíîìó òåëåôîíó

But what can we all look at all those times? Here’s the opinion of former Nokia executive and currently market analyst Tomi Ahonen:

1. MESSAGING – 23 times a day

2. VOICE CALLS – 22 times

3. CLOCK – 18 times

4. ALARM – 8 times

5. CAMERA – 8 times

6. MUSIC PLAYER – 13 times

7. GAMING – 12 times

8. CALENDAR – 5 times

9. SOCIAL MEDIA – 9 times

10. NEWS – 6 times

11. SEARCH – 3 times

12. WEB – 3 times

13. VIDEO – 6 times

14. CHARGING PHONE – 3 times

15. VOICE MAIL – 1 times

16. APPS AND OTHERS – 10 times

I personally think this list is rather realistic. I haven’t counted how many times I look at my phone (yet – maybe I’ll count it one day), but at least I know that I don’t use my phone to read news, and I open the calendar once in several days.

What about your habits? How often do you look at your phone? What do you look at?


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Amelia Hunter has worked as a journalist for about 4 years and covered tech-related news for a number of newspapers and magazines both paper and online. Not so long ago she decided to start her own online magazine together with a friend, and here’s what came out of it. Other than writing about the latest technologies, Amelia loves reading, fencing and playing PC games. Her favorite manufacturer is Samsung and her favorite movie is “Mr. Nobody”. She also thinks that “Der Golem” by Gustav Meyrink is one of the best books in the world, and “The Witcher 1,2” and “Dragon Age 1,2” are among the best games ever.

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