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Ubisoft’s Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Coming to iOS and Android

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Ubisoft’s DS puzzle-RPG Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes was rather popular on consoles, and now it’s going to conquer the mobile market, too. It’s supposed to appear at Apple’s App Store tomorrow, on January 24, and then come to Android, too. Though we don’t know when exactly the Android version will be released, we do know it’s being developed now.

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is quite an interesting game that combines elements of a classic RPG, a strategy game and match-three puzzle mechanics. Nice anime-like visuals will also attract many players.Might_and_Magic_Clash_of_Heroes

The game is set in the realm of Ashen, which is attacked by demons. A group of five heroes under your command will have to fight many enemies to achieve its goals, yet those fights aren’t standard hero vs. enemy battles: small armies will have to face one another, and you’ll have to rearrange your warriors on the battlefield to help each of them be more effective. I guess it’ll be something like the fights we had in the Disciples series.

The iOS version of the game, compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, will be sold for $4.99. There is no info about the Android version yet, but I can guess that it’ll be a bit cheaper, since $5 is a usual price for an iOS app, yet Android apps are usually either free or much cheaper than that.

Here’s a video of the game. Unfortunately, it won’t tell you much about its gameplay, but it’s still interesting to watch it:


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