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Gangnam Style’s Psy Will Appear in Super Bowl Ad

By Amelia Hunter

Psy, the guy from the famous “Gangnam Style” video, is going to appear in the Super Bowl ad filmed in North Hollywood a couple of days ago. His “Gangnam Style” has already been watched 1,150,810,415 times on YouTube, so no wonder there’s so much interest towards this singer at the moment, not only on social media, but in real life, too.

This is the first commercial aired in the US where Psy (his real name is Jai-Sang Park, by the way) is going to star. He will appear in а pistachio-green suit and show some special way to crack open pistachios. His “Gangnam Style” song will appear in the ad, too, but with different words.Gangnam-Style

The Super Bowl is way too big for me. I never dreamed of being a singer in America, so I of course never dreamed of being in a Super Bowl ad“, he said.

Super Bowl’s advertisers are definitely interested in Psy since they believe his appearance will help attract more attention to their products.

He’s penetrated the cultural consciousness of the United States. We knew the Super Bowl would require something really special to stand out,” said Marc Seguin, vice president of marketing for Wonderful Pistachios, which is actually the biggest nut brand for Paramount Farms.

I personally can’t wait to see this ad. What about you?


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