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App Store Hits 40 Billion Downloads, Generates $7 Billion Developer Revenue

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Apple don’t take part at CES 2013, but it doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer us these days. Their upcoming iPhone 5S is still just a rumor, just like the iPhone 6, but they have other interesting news for their fans: the App Store has hit 40 billion downloads!

In October, Apple sold only 30 billion iOS apps; moreover, their app download share fell to 29%, making Android (with 47% download share) lead the market. But it seems like they managed to recover since then and hit 10 billion new downloads in a very short period of time.App-Store

Those 40 billion app downloads have generated $7 billion revenue for developers. However, according to Apple’s agreement with developers, 30 percent of that sum (around $3 billion) will go to Apple.

At the moment, there are more than 1 million apps approved by Apple, but only 736,000 of them are now live at the App Store. The competitor Google Play Store has 700,000 apps online, but unfortunately, we have no fresh info about how many downloads they have (in September they had 25 billion downloads). But rumors say Google’s store will be the first to hit the one million mark. On the other hand, the Play Store doesn’t generate as much revenue as the Play Store – that’s simply because most Android apps as free.

As for Microsoft’s Windows Phone, it’s less popular with only 25,500 apps at the moment, but it’s growing steadily and is expected to reach Android and iOS soon enough.

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