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Samsung To Unveil 110-inch UHD TV At CES 2013

By Argam

Earlier this year we saw the first 84-inch TVs introduced at CES. But they were not available for everyone, as they cost around £23,000. I guess the same thing will happen now. The first news about larger screen TVs comes from Samsung. The manufacturer is rumored to unveil a 110-inch UHD TV at CES 2013 earlier next year in Las Vegas.

The company has not made any official statement, but Korean website MK News claims it has talked to a Samsung official and the latter said they are planning to launch a 110-inch TV at the show. His quotes reads as follows (translated from Korean): “At the next year’s CES to be open on January 8 in Las Vegas, the US, Samsung will have its 110-inch UHD TV on display. Not to mention ultra-sized screen, our UHD TV will boast the best-ever definition and design that you haven’t experienced before.”

Though we have no info about how much this cool TV will cost, judging by the previous experience, I don’t think people like me and you will be able to afford it.


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