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36% Of Developers Are Interested In Windows Phone

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Though many developers make apps only for Android and iOS, the situation seems to change in the nearest future. Recently Google launched its Maps app for iOS and said there were no plans on making any similar Windows Pone 8 application, since Microsoft’s platform isn’t as popular as iOS or Android. However, the Appcelerator quarterly report for Q4 2012 made by IDC shows that the one third of the developers are interested in Windows Phone and Windows tablets.

This is not much, but since this platform isn’t very famous yet, 36% is a good number. I guess this interest is mainly related to the Microsoft Surface tablet launched recently. Though it’s not the best slate available on the market, many people can afford buying this device. However, Microsoft has much to do before making iPad-competitive tablets, and analysts expect Windows Phone and Windows tablets to become more popular in 2013.

As for the Surface, ICD has made its own comment on it:

Developers are impressed with the tablet hardware delivered by Microsoft through its Surface offering. However, they believe Microsoft still has significant work to do to make Windows 8 a successful mobile platform. 20% of developers are impressed with the hardware and think it will accelerate Microsoft’s mobile ambitions. However, 35.5% of developers believe that while the tablet may be a nice piece of hardware, Microsoft needs more to be successful. To accelerate the success of the Windows platform for mobile devices, the company will need to make investments in developer relations and application enablement.

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