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Windows 8 Games Are Hackable!

By admin

If you have spent enough time surfing the net during the last hours, you should have probably stumbled upon articles saying that Windows 8 games can be downloaded without any payment. Unfortunately, those who haven’t managed to visit the author’s web page and save the instructions, can’t do it now, because Justin Angel’s own blog has some troubles — perhaps because of high traffic, or maybe the author was asked to make it unreachable for a while.

Justin Angle is a Nokia engineer working on Windows Phone. He has found the “algorithm” that helps users avoid having to pay for in-app purchases. As an example he highlights the Soulcraft Windows 8 game.

According to the Nokia engineer, the process might cause some difficulties to the average Windows 8 user, but by following the steps attentively, anyone can hack any Windows 8 game. Angel says “storing encrypted data locally, alongside with the algorithm and the algorithm key/hash is a recipe for security incidents.” So Microsoft developers probably will spend several sleepless nights to fix the problem. The Verge has reached Microsoft, and company’s spokesperson answered that “any successful software distribution channel faces the challenge of being targeted by people wishing to circumvent the system for ill-gotten gains and we’re committed to ongoing protection of both customer and developer interests.”

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