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Final Fantasy IV Coming to iOS on December 20

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Final Fantasy is one of the most famous role playing games not only on consoles, but on mobile platforms, too. Now Square Enix has announced that the fourth installment of the game is coming to iOS on December 20, and next year (most likely, in spring) it’ll appear on Android, too.

Just like the previous installment of the game, Final Fantasy IV for mobile platforms is the remastered DS version, with full 3D graphics and characters. So it’s expected to look as great as the console version! Besides, the characters are expected to be fully voiced, and new touch controls will be introduced in it. Plus the developers promised several difficulty options for everyone.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the price of Final Fantasy IV for iOS yet, but we know that the previous installment was sold for $15.99 for the iPhone and Android phones and $16.99 for the iPad.

Do you like the Final Fantasy series? Are you planning to download this upcoming mobile version?

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