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Windows 8 Store Has More Than 25,500 Apps Now

By admin

The Windows 8 Store is improving! It now has more than 25,500 apps available for download, MetroStore Scanner reports. 25,500 is quite a good number, but Microsoft has a long way to go to catch up Google with its Play Store, which now has about 700,000 apps, just like Apple’s App Store.

Unfortunately, we have no info on the number of app downloads from the Windows 8 Store, but we can assume it’s not too big yet. Perhaps several millions. In contrast, 25 billion apps were downloaded Google’s Play Store before October 4, 2012 (no newer data yet), and 30 billion apps were downloaded from the App Store. Anyway, I personally think the Windows 8 Store will improve further soon enough if they have more useful apps like Skype and others.

MetroStore Scanner is a new third-party website that scans the Windows 8 Store for available apps. Seems to be useful for those who own Windows 8-running devices and not only for them: actually, Microsoft has integrated its store into the Windows 8 OS, up to now there was no other way to browse it but from inside the operating system. Now this site allows seeing all of the apps available at the Store and structures them: you can use the service to filter apps by country, category or keyword, sort them out in different ways and so on. And with its help you can download Windows 8 apps even if your device doesn’t run this OS.

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