Friday 21st November 2014,


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Lenovo Making 1080p Phone with Dual-SIM Connectivity

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It seems like 1080p displays are becoming more and more popular! HTC, Sharp and Oppo have already introduced their new 5-inch devices with 1080p displays, and now Lenovo is also joining the party – a new smartphone manufactured by them has made its way to the Internet, and its screenshots show that is really does have such a resolution.

Some of those screenshots also show that this device will come with Lenovo’s custom skin for Android and support dual-SIM connectivity, too.

Nothing else is known about this device at the moment, and we have no idea what other features it will have, but we expect Lenovo to finish working on it and officially announce it soon.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure this device will ever make its way to any country outside China – its dual-SIM support can be a problem in the US and most European countries where phones are sold via mobile operators. On the other hand, if it does appear on our markets and comes at a relatively low retail price, it’ll offer good competition to the huge manufacturers like Samsung and HTC that have conquered most of the market.

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