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RIM’s Suppliers Gearing Up To Begin BB10 Production Next Month

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The first BlackBerry 10 smartphones are already being tested by 50 carriers worldwide. They have a mission to get back RIM’s former dominance in the mobile market, which now belongs to Android and Apple. It won’t be an easy thing to do, but BlackBerry 10 OS is said to come overhauled. That could have been expected, because the manufacturer makes a jump from version 7 to 10, so you can assume what differences the current software and the upcoming one will have.

The launch date of those devices are set to be February, so the company should begin their production soon.

According to DigiTimes, RIM is already finishing the preparatory phase, and will start working on the first BB10 smartphones in December. RIM’s hardware suppliers like Silitech Technology, Ichia Technologies, and ODM Winstron are gearing up to start the production in December, but as RIM is not in the best situation, the suppliers are not planning on building up large inventories.

I can’t say whether RIM is late or not — the company still keep its head above water. So when the first BB10 smartphones are out, and the first quarter is over, we will be able to guess what future expects RIM.

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