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20 Signs You’ve Played Too Many RPG Games

By admin

“Oh, a Nirnroot!”

I thought that when I saw a bright green plant in a flowerpot in a small local shop today. Perhaps I should pick it and make a potion. Or a poison… Ah, wait! That wasn’t a Nirnroot. And even if it was, it belonged to the shop. Perhaps I shouldn’t have played Oblivion, followed by Skyrim that much.

The games we play always affect the way we think and perceive the surrounding world. Not so long ago I noticed that many plants looked like Nirnroots to me, I was feeling kind of insecure without a sword on the streets, and trash cans attracted more attention that they deserved… I’ve definitely played too much!

There are some simple signs that show that you’ve played too many games already. Here are some of them:

1 Sometimes you want to go and talk to every person you see on the street, just like you do in RPGs. What if they say something important about your current quest/task?

2 When you talk to the same person again, you expect him/her to say the same words exactly, and you always get surprised when you hear something new.

3 When talking to some people, you want to hit the “space” or “ECS” button to skip the dull conversation. The absence of those buttons is such a disappointment!

4 You can’t understand why people don’t give you gold or experience after you do them a favour.

5 You want to visit every house you see on your way and pick the locks of the locked ones – when nobody’s looking.

6 When you enter a house, you want open and check all cabinets, wardrobes and shelves they have. What if you find a quest item out there?

7 When you stumble upon a trash can or a box, you want to check if it contains anything valuable.

8 You want to carry all you have in your backpack. And you’re surprised when you find out that it’s actually heavy and slows you down.

9 You don’t drink alcohol – you know it reduces your Intelligence and Agility.

10 When buying clothes or jewelry, you try to find out what bonuses to your health or skills the new item will give.

11 You’re surprised since it’s not so easy to find a weapon store. And you can’t easily buy any weapon you want.

12 You think you can sell anything you want to any shopkeeper.

13 You’re thinking about dyeing your hair. Red, purple, dark blue or white would do.

14 When planning to go out, you want to hit the “Save” button.

15 You can’t understand why your friends aren’t following you everywhere.

16 You’re surprised when you find out that you’ve walked all the day long and no monster has attacked you in the city.

17 You always bypass trees, rocks and hills since you believe that you can’t walk between them.

18 You want to pick every flower and every plant you see. You can use them later to make potions, poisons or some other useful stuff.

19 When you’re wounded, the first thing that comes to your mind is to cast a healing spell or use the first aid kit from your backpack. You do carry it around, right?

20 You prefer running to walking since you believe that it’ll level-up some of your skills and “attributes”.

Have you noticed any of these signs? I guess if you have 10 or more of these, it would be wise to switch to the real world — at least for a month or two. Or you’ll really start entering other people’s houses, picking locks, rummaging trash cans and leading strange conversations, which can end up being not quite a good idea… :)

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