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Verizon Selling Used Galaxy Nexus For $230 Off-Contract

By admin

Verizon has been offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in its stores for some time already, but the price it had set was too high — not everyone could afford buying a high-end Android smartphone for $299.99 on contract, even if it’s the famous Nexus device. But now the Big Red is selling this phone for $230! Pros: $230 is a good price for a SIM-free phone. Cons: the phone is not really new, it’s actually a pre-owned one.

Anyway, if you want a high-end device running Android 4.1 JB and don’t mind buying a pre-owned phone, this is your chance to get it! And don’t worry about the risks involved — the carrier gives it away with one year guarantee.

Of course, the price for the Galaxy Nexus hasn’t always been $299.99: first Verizon slashed it to $99.99, and one week later started offering it for free. Not so long ago Amazon also started selling the handset for $0.01. So everyone understood Verizon is emptying its shelves for the next Nexus, the LG Nexus 4. Though nothing official is known about this device, we have collected some useful info on it. Moreover, today LG confirmed that Google will unveil the phone at the October 29 event along with two tablets.

By the way, there is another option for purchasing the Galaxy Nexus, too — you an get it directly from Google. Though the phone was pulled off from Google Play due to the Apple-Samsung case, it was back soon and sold for $349.99.

However, Verizon’s offer for the used Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices seems to be the best one at the moment. And if you’re sure you need Samsung’s Nexus, you should hurry before they’re all sold out. Or maybe you want to wait for the new LG Nexus device?

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