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The Apple iPhone Now Smells

By admin

In July, a South Korean CJ Group announced that 200+ 4D movie theaters were going to be opened in New York and Los Angeles. What’s a 4D theater? It’s actually a 3D movie theater equipped with special effects: seats rattle and vibrate when something happens on the screen, or special scent machines spread smells corresponding to the scene. I don’t think this is a good idea, because many scenes from our favorite movies should “smell” really bad, but if we want to “share” some certain smells with some certain people, there’s an easier way than going to a 4D theatre — you can use an iPhone app designed especially for that.

Japan Chaku Perfume Co. Ltd has announced its new app-accessory called Chat Perf, and it is a unique type of communication service. Those who want to use it have to download the appropriate app, and buy that special accessory for 4980 yen ($62.25). The latter is an attachable gadget that includes an atomizer and a smell tank, and it fits into the iPhone’s dock port.

Thanks to the joint work of the app and the gadget, users can “send” any smell to anyone who uses the same app and accessory. Unfortunately, the Chat Perf is available only in Japan, but the developer wants to take it overseas, too.

We can’t say whether it will succeed in the West (after all, the Japanese are known for their non ordinary ways, while European and American people tend to think “traditionally”). Anyway, it’s an innovative idea and can succeed… if it’s promoted well.


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